Custom Cumberland Products

Custom Cumberland Products

Custom Cumberland Products

May 30, 2013

GROEBNER is partnered up with Cumberland Products to bring you custom products to meet the needs of the utility industry. Many of Cumberland’s tools have been inspired by utility personnel, and were a direct result of responding to the requests of field technicians and engineers in the industry.

Hot Off the Production Line

Retz Regulator Tool
This unique, lightweight,
compact tool can set most major
brands of service regulators –
both residential or commercial.
JP Weak Link Tool
This product combines both a
pulling head and weak link into
one fitting. The desired break
load is machined into the PE
pipe which currently range in
size from 1/2″ CTS thru 6” IPS.

Contact Us for More Details

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Cumberland is built around four divisions
– Electrofusion, Tools, Fabrication, Plastic.  Each
division offers a wide variety of solutions and products,
but continues to build new products, as well.  If you think
of a product that would enhance your work, give
GROEBNER a call (800-638-8322), and we will
help you with your request.


Products to make certain the fusing process is easy
and a leak-proof seal is made.
• Clamps – Tubing, Reducer, Multi, Mainline
• Scrapers – Pencil, Pencil Combo, Mainline
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Tools providing common sense
solutions which allow you to conquer
any task without the need to carry a
bigger toolbox.
• EZ Jack Plunger
• Pipe Wrench Assist
• Regulator Tester
• Regulator Adjustment
• NICK Gauge
• Valve Key Wrench
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Create industry standard components
by taking any concept and make it
a reality with Cumberland’s
Fabrication Division.
• Pipe Stands
• Riser Brackets
• Commercial Brackets
• Meter Ice Guard
• Meter Bar Bracket
• Adjustable Valve Stem
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Simple, lightweight products that add a clean and professional look to any installation.
• Beyer Box
• Safety Sleeve
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Cumberland’s capabilities are diversified, so there isn’t much they can’t manufacture.  Learn more about them by