Energy Providers, Including Pipelines, Vulnerable To Malware

Energy Providers, Including Pipelines, Vulnerable To Malware

By Pipeline & Gas Journal, Stuart Itkin

Financial services firms may have a slight edge in security readiness over their energy sector counterparts, but not by much. These two industries – highly targeted by cybercriminals – must move quickly to address their cybersecurity deficiencies and shore up their defenses against advanced malware threats.

Combating the malware behind headline-grabbing data breaches is a constant struggle for organizations of all sizes. Cybersecurity professionals are facing a new, harsher reality of increasingly sophisticated threats that make defending against data breaches a much more daunting task. In response, security teams are scrambling to implement new strategies and deploy emerging cyber-defense technologies.

Not all industries, however, face the same cybersecurity challenges in today’s shifting threat landscape. While the prime target for cybercrime is the financial services industry, the energy industry – including pipeline and gas companies – face significant risks as well. Vulnerabilities in both industries have been recognized as critical and vulnerable components of our national infrastructure by the president and the Department of Homeland Security.

ThreatTrack Security conducted a study to uncover how cybersecurity professionals within these two critical industries are dealing with today’s cyber threats. Through a third-party research firm, ThreatTrack Security surveyed 200 IT security professionals (100 respondents from each sector) on a wide array of cybersecurity issues.

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