Going Green with Solar

Going Green with Solar

In 2019, GROEBNER worked with Xcel Energy and IPS Solar to install a 40 kilowatt (kW) solar panel system at our corporate headquarters in Rogers, MN. Our system includes 155 solar panels and three inverters, which convert the energy from DC to AC power right at our building site.

We at GROEBNER decided to utilize a solar panel energy installation, in part to participate in the future of the industry. Energy, and many of our customers, are moving toward grid systems that reach beyond the local utility and involve businesses and homes in power generation and cost efficiency. Businesses and communities benefit through:

  • Control of energy costs for the business
  • Energy reliable and resiliency through self-supply of power
  • Reduction of the community’s overall carbon footprint and better stewardship of resources

Our solar panel system began running in first quarter 2019. We are now pleased to say that the system is generating nearly 45 megawatt hours (mWh) (annualized) toward GROEBNER’s overall electrical needs. This amount of energy:

  • Provides GROEBNER 30-40% of our own energy usage
  • Covers nearly the entire average annual electrical usage of four U.S. homes
  • Reduces carbon equivalent to preventing burning about 40,000 pounds of coal
  • Prevents the release of emissions comparable to those an average passenger vehicle would emit while driving approximately 90,000 miles

At GROEBNER, we continually seek ways to work more efficiently for our customers and our business. We also welcome opportunities, such as our own solar array, to maintain our industry-leading experience. By working with such companies as Xcel and IPS Solar, we can be actively involved in the latest utility industry developments.