GROEBNER Grows through Energy Self-Sufficiency

GROEBNER Grows through Energy Self-Sufficiency

GROEBNER is pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Xcel Energy and IPS Solar to install a 40 kW solar system at our corporate headquarters in Rogers, MN. This system will provide the Minnesota office with most, if not all, of its energy needs on sunny days. And any additional power produced will be sold back to Xcel Energy’s grid.

The GROEBNER solar array has been installed on the roof of our warehouse. It’s made up of 155 solar panels and three inverters (which convert the energy from DC to AC power.) The system is 39.7 kW (DC) in capacity and will produce an average of 49,725 kW hours annually. A solar array of this size:

  • Produces energy equal to the electrical usage of 5.5 typical homes for one year
  • Is the equivalent to preventing the burning 40,500 pounds of coal
  • Prevents the release of emissions comparable to those emitted by 90,701 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle

The future of energy is moving toward grid systems that reach beyond the local utility and into the backyards of businesses and homes. Businesses and communities benefit in several ways:

  • Control of energy costs for the business
  • Energy reliable and resiliency through self-supply of power
  • Reduction of the community’s overall carbon footprint and better stewardship of resources

Installation of the hardware/equipment began in the fall and we went “live” in January 2019. We’re excited to work with IPS Solar and Xcel Energy on this growing trend for providing renewable energy to communities, businesses, and homes.