Growing Partnerships – Spotlight on Romet Limited

Growing Partnerships – Spotlight on Romet Limited

Since 1976, GROEBNER has worked with integrity, quality, and superior service to develop a reliable source of distribution products for the natural gas energy industry. That focus has allowed us to develop a high-quality supply chain. Through strategic selection, we have created an exceptional network of trustworthy suppliers. Our supplier partners offer the highest quality, latest technology, and the best value with timely delivery.

GROEBNER knows the importance of cultivating individualized relationships with customers, to ensure we can provide them with the best service. We bring that same level of support to our partnerships with suppliers, for the mutual growth and success of the supplier, customers, and our company.

Here, we’d like to highlight one of our partnerships – Romet Limited.

Romet is a global manufacturer of rotary gas meters and electronic instrumentation. They develop innovative designs and utilize state-of-the-art technologies to provide industry leading measurement solutions to gas utilities around the world. Their mission is centered on customer satisfaction through responsive deliveries, technical support, and customer service that matches their reliable, quality products.

What Romet Offers

Romet is an international market leader in positive displacement rotary gas meters, electronic volume, temperature instrumentation, and auxiliary equipment for the natural gas industry. Since opening in 1972, this Toronto-based company markets and sells their high-quality products throughout the world. Rugged. Responsive. Reliable. That’s what you can count on from Romet.

RMT Rotary Meter

The RMT Rotary Meter is Romet’s most advanced meter body. A proprietary impeller profile, coupled with a patented pinned timing gear design in an extruded aluminum body, provides the highest level of precision in measurement. All RMTs include an integral mechanical backup to ensure accurate and reliable measurement throughout the life of the meter. Many size options are available – ranging in size from 600 CFH to 56000 CFH.

  • Independent mechanical backup counter – always achieve reliable measurement
  • Proprietary impeller profile – improved rangeability
  • Pinned timing gears – lock the meter accuracy
  • Extruded body – allows for reduced lead time and improved quality

Advanced Electronic Modules (AdEM®)

Romet offers a full series of Advanced Electronic Modules (AdEM). With both direct mount and remote mount instrumentation solutions, you can get multiple configurations for live gas compensation, data logging, pulse outputs, and serial communication. Their patented AdEM Click is easy to install and can work seamlessly between popular brands (Dresser B3, LMMA, Romet) and sizes of rotary meters. You can carry one electronic corrector for reduced inventory and fewer truck rolls.

  • AdEM-S – Direct mount standard counter module suitable for applications where live gas compensation is not required. Some features of the AdEM-S include full audit trail, four available output pulses, serial communication, and a 20-year nominal battery life.
  • AdEM-T – Direct mount counter module capable of live temperature compensation. Some features of the AdEM-T include full audit trail, four available output pulses, serial communication, and a 20-year nominal battery life.
  • AdEM-PTZ – Direct mount counter module capable of live compensation for pressure, temperature, and super-compressibility. Some features of the AdEM-PTZ include a full audit trail, four available output pulses, serial communication and a 15-year nominal battery life.
  • AdEM-PTZ-r – Remote mount counter module capable of live compensation for pressure, temperature, and super-compressibility. With the same features as the AdEM-PTZ.

The Romet/GROEBNER Partnership

Romet’s focus on excellence synchronizes with GROEBNER’s deeply held values of integrity, quality, and service. We are privileged to serve Romet as a distributor for their measurement solutions, including a recently expanded territory. Our knowledgeable sales team, supported by our GROEBNER Measurement Resources (GMR) group, bring you and the companies we represent, like Romet, the highest level of industry expertise. Our team will ensure you get the best products and service for your measurement and regulation needs.

GROEBNER’s sales team, working with the GMR group, will help you size and select the appropriate components so that your system’s metering and regulation fit your application precisely. These Romet products are also adaptable to AMR/AMI systems, but changing to new technology takes coordination and several years for the complete system upgrade. The added resources within our GMR group allows us to walk with you and the supplier throughout the process to ensure the coordination of such projects is handled seamlessly.

As Romet Limited continues their pursuit of excellence and expanding technology solutions, GROEBNER will be right alongside them, to make certain you receive the best product and exceptional service for your natural gas measuring and regulation needs.