Industry Involvement - GROEBNER
GROEBNER specializes in selling, stocking, and advising on natural gas distribution products from the pipeline to the meter. Use GROEBNER for all your natural gas needs – 800-638-8322.
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Industry Involvement

Here at GROEBNER, we are dedicated to conducting all of our business with integrity, high quality, and excellent service. To continue to meet this commitment, we need to ensure that we understand the latest in industry trends and keep our knowledge base current.

We also want to be in a position to influence the ongoing public discussions of regulatory and legislative issues. Natural gas has proven to be both safe and efficient in environmentally sound power generation. And the natural gas distribution industry must be part of the regulation process to represent that reality. One of the most effective ways we can accomplish these goals is to be involved with natural gas industry organizations. Through our involvement with trade associations, GROEBNER can be an advocate for our customers and for the communities they work in.

These trade associations are incredible resources for enabling collaboration and providing thought leadership throughout the industry. Organizations such as those listed below have developed strong positions for advocacy, data collection, and understanding of current industry conditions, as well as lead future industry direction.

Through our active involvement with natural gas associations, GROEBNER staff members can tap into this knowledge and contribute to the overall discussion. We are actively involved with numerous natural gas industry organizations, in many capacities. We are honored to serve as board members, chair people, committee advocates, event coordinators, and part of the day-to-day membership.

Examples of organizations we proudly support are:

Keep an eye on our website to see the latest opportunities we are involved in and where you can participate. And don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss our relationships or suggest other organizations that may be of mutual benefit for us.