Supplier Diversity - GROEBNER
GROEBNER specializes in selling, stocking, and advising on natural gas distribution products from the pipeline to the meter. Use GROEBNER for all your natural gas needs – 800-638-8322.
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Supplier Diversity

GROEBNER strives to bring deep integrity, exceptional quality, and superior service to every area of its business practices. One continual focus is to enhance these values through the area of supplier diversity. We seek to partner with Diverse Business Enterprises (DBEs), which specifically encompasses Women-owned Business Enterprises (WBEs) and Minority-owned Business Enterprises (MBEs).

We understand the value of diversity in our supplier network. It isn’t just a case of being consistent with governmental guidelines or helping you to meet those standards. Supplier diversity helps us reflect the overall customer and community bases that we serve, giving us better understanding of their needs and desires. This variety of perspectives increases our – and our customers’ – competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Working with DBEs also encourages overall community health through business growth. As the DBEs grow stronger, they help develop new markets and additional opportunities in current markets. The communities in which these businesses are located are enhanced, as is the natural gas industry.

GROEBNER never compromises its high standards in the selection of suppliers to partner with in our business. And we seek out relationships with DBEs that enhance these standards and our supply chain practices. Often, as smaller business enterprises, they offer agility and flexibility in fulfilling orders placed with them. They can bring innovation and broader product and service offerings to a partnership.

DBEs also trend toward fresh approaches in business management, allowing us to continue to offer our customers the latest in best business practices. Supplier diversity brings both GROEBNER and our customers many advantages.

GROEBNER is an Equal Opportunity Employer, dedicated to seeking diversity in our staff, as well as our supplier networks. We will continue to focus on building diversity in both our partnerships and our internal organization.

Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about our supplier network.