Pelican – New Product Line for GROEBNER

Pelican – New Product Line for GROEBNER

We at GROEBNER are pleased to announce that we recently added a new partner to our line of products that strengthens our offerings and continues to bring high-quality options to our customers. We welcome Pelican Products to our diverse network of suppliers.

We know that your equipment must be safeguarded against the elements and damage when you’re working in the field. Pelican Protector Case solutions offer you the cast-iron assurance that you’ve got the best protective containers in the business. Pelican cases are known across many industries as the “go-to” supplier for protective equipment transport casing. They have over 40 years of experience in engineering cases designed to protect your most vital equipment. Pelican offers many design options and we’ll help you determine the most effective combination of materials and case layout for your particular needs.

When you’re in a hazardous environment, using an appropriately certified light is vital. Pelican’s safety-certified work lighting are great portable options for staying safe. Their products must pass a series of rigorous tests conducted by qualified safety laboratories in order to receive certification.

From watertight equipment cases to military-style cargo cases to safety and tactical lighting, Pelican delivers protection you can rely on in the toughest circumstances. Contact your GROEBNER sales representative at 800-648-8322 or by email today to place an order for your Pelican products.

For further specification information, link here to our sales sheet.