Rotary Meters, Correctors, Testers

Rotary Meters, Correctors, Testers

As your partner for measurement and regulation products throughout the extended Midwest, GROEBNER will help you size and select the appropriate measurement components for your job.

We represent the industry’s premier manufacturers, such as Romet, Honeywell Mercury Instruments, and Meriam, like we have highlighted below, along with Sensus and Pietro Fiorentini. Many of our products are in stock and available now.

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Rotary Meters

Romet rotary meters deliver an excellent combination of accuracy and range-ability to generate the optimum in gas registration. The patented design provides reliable, long-term service with features such as:

  • Pinned timing gear/impeller construction to lock the meter accuracy permanently, preventing shifting of the impellers from sudden load demands or contaminants passing through the meter
  • Simple internal construction that contains up to 30% fewer parts than the competitors to make servicing quick and easy
  • Common parts throughout the different sizes of meters keep spare parts inventories small
  • Rugged corrosion-resistant exterior body design to protect the meter from the natural elements
  • Temperature compensation options
  • Pulse output options
  • Instrument drive options

Romet is an international market leader in positive displacement rotary gas meters, electronic volume, temperature instrumentation and auxiliary equipment for the natural gas industry. Romet’s mission is focused on driving customer satisfaction with responsive deliveries, technical support and customer service that is matched with rugged, reliable products and solutions that are manufactured with uncompromised quality, accuracy and safety requirements.

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Meter Corrector

The Honeywell/Mercury Mini-Max Electronic Corrector provides an economical means for providing the basic correction for pressure and temperature effects on natural gas meters. The Mini-Max uses the latest low powered electronics and offer computational accuracy of 0.5% of full scale. It’s compact size and optional remote/pipestand mount makes installation to smaller meters easy and more economical. The additional memory (AT option) is added to expand the data storage.

  • Small size – 10-1/2” x 6-1/2” x 4-1/8”
  • Low power requirements – 4 years+ on four D-cell alkaline batteries
  • Continuous LCD display of corrected volume, updated on meter rotation
  • Programmable pulse lengths – 2 Form-A volume and 1 Form-A alarm
  • Audit trail memory – 41 days of daily (Mini Max®) or 41 days of hourly (Mini Max®-AT) or 400 days of hourly (Mini Max®-ATX) corrected volume, uncorrected volume, average pressure and average temperature
  • Selectable 4 or 10 item audit trail logging
  • Complete volume correction for pressure, temperature and supercompressibility (NX-19 or AGA-8) selectable for live or fixed
  • Field programmable firmware through serial port (flash memory)
  • Membrane pushbutton and alphanumeric LCD for display of uncorrected volume, corrected volume, live pressure, live temperature, display test and battery voltage – however, the display list is user configurable
  • Programmable call-in – scheduled and on alarms

Honeywell’s Mercury Instruments line sets the standard for innovation in the design and manufacture of precision instruments for the natural gas industry. From wellhead to burner tip, in countries around the world, Honeywell provides the finest instrumentation available to measure and monitor gas pressure, temperature, volume and flow.

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Rotary Gas Meter Tester

The Meriam M201 Rotary Gas Meter Tester is specially programmed to measure the differential pressure across the rotary meter for quick verification of the meters accuracy. The M201 Rotary Gas Meter Tester has an accuracy of 0.1% FS (28” H2O range) or 0.05% FS (200” H2O range). This provides better accuracy in the low DP ranges as compared to mechanical gauges or manometers. The tester is well suited for use in the field.

Meriam products have been used extensively in the oil and gas industry for most of their 100 year history. Originating with their mechanical manometers, progressing into the most complete offering of averaging pitot tubes mounted to the transmitter of your choice, to intrinsically safe calibrators and HART communicators.

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