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GROEBNER specializes in selling, stocking, and advising on natural gas distribution products from the pipeline to the meter. Use GROEBNER for all your natural gas needs – 800-638-8322.
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Equipment Rental

The installation of natural gas requires the right equipment for each step of the process. It’s essential that you have the precise tools needed to ensure your installation goes smoothly. That will ensure your system works perfectly from the moment you begin utilizing it for gas distribution.

But natural gas installation and repair are not projects you need to tackle every day. So having all the necessary equipment in your inventory all year round is an unnecessary expense, that entangles financial assets that you could be using for other opportunities.

GROEBNER’s rental equipment program can solve this issue for you. Our specialty is making sure you have the equipment you need to get the job done right, whether it’s equipment you purchase or equipment you rent for the short term. We help you decide if rental is right for you and exactly what equipment you require. We work with our trustworthy network of suppliers and vendors to ensure you get the specific tools you need for each project.

With our strong vendor supply chain, our rental equipment inventory is always current. It’s stocked with low-hour tools, which are maintained in top condition. As part of McElroy’s Certified Rental program, we follow their thorough checklist for each McElroy item in our fleet. The rental equipment we provide to you will always be ready to perform in the field.

Let our rental equipment help you keep your finances liquid, while allowing you to meet your natural gas project demands. Contact us today.

Equipment Rental Types

  • Electrofusion processors
  • McElroy fusion equipment
    • Pit Bull 14
    • Pit Bull 26
    • Rolling 28
    • TracStar 28 Series 2
    • TracStar 412 Series 2
    • TracStar 618 Series 2
  • Data loggers
  • Line tamers
  • And more