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GROEBNER specializes in selling, stocking, and advising on natural gas distribution products from the pipeline to the meter. Use GROEBNER for all your natural gas needs – 800-638-8322.
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Product Training

GROEBNER offers product training on all the equipment we sell. Our team and network of suppliers ensure that your operating staff understands how your new equipment works to peak performance. We also provide in-depth training on equipment design and maintenance. One of our most popular topics is proper fusion procedures and techniques using ASTM joining standards.

Fusion Qualification / Operator Qualification (OQ)

Polyethylene (PE) pipe has become the industry standard for effective natural gas distribution. PE pipelines are non-reactive to the natural gas components and to external soil elements. For greatest reliability, the seams on your PE pipelines need to be correctly fused. Badly fused seams can lead to leakage and even possible pipeline failure.

So how do you ensure your PE pipeline seams are flawless? There are some real challenges. Often, work must be done in dirt-filled trenches and bad weather. There are also less obvious issues – getting the melt temperature right so that the pipe material has the correct viscosity; determining how much pressure should be applied to the fusion joint; establishing the best heat soak and dwell time for the best seam quality.

All these challenges can be met by trained fusion equipment operators – and here’s where GROEBNER’s training team comes into play. Our network of manufacturer-certified trainers offers your operators detailed information that is meaningful to your daily operations.
We offer formal classroom and hands-on training done at our facility or we can arrange to train at your site, when the timing best suits your work schedule. Our trainers will design a full training program to meet your company’s precise requirements.

While learning about natural gas as a whole, your operators will also go through hands-on training with the equipment, materials, and processes they use in the field. Coursework will consist of topics such as:

  • Butt fusion – both manually and hydraulically operated equipment
  • Sidewall joining
  • Socket fusion
  • Electrofusion
  • Tap tees
  • Tapping and stopping
  • Squeeze tools
  • DataLogger
  • Leak detection and pipe locating
  • Line tamers
  • Metering and regulation

With each course, our students receive documentation of their training. With the Fusion Qualification course certification is awarded upon successful completion. With the Operator Qualification course complete qualification documentation and record keeping is awarded upon successful completion as required by DOT.

Contact us today to learn how GROEBNER’s training program can help improve your operations and keep repair and rework costs low.