Supraflow Tapping Tee

Supraflow Tapping Tee

Under Pressure Tapping Tee for PE Pipe

Supraflow tapping tees, manufactured by Torre Gas, are a unique solution for high flow (up to 150 psi) branching for servicing, grid extension, or by-pass installation. A specially designed drill cutter is housed inside Supraflow and retains the coupon. The whole installation procedure is done under a “zero leaks” environment and performed using Supraflow drilling equipment. No other solution offers the possibility to live branching in large diameters in an easy and “intrinsically safe” procedure. Supraflow meets the requirements of ASTM D2513.


  • Reduced excavation
    • Operation out of a single hole
    • No additional space needed for squeeze tools
    • No by-pass needed on one-way feeds
  • Installation
    • Fast connection with existing approved fittings
    • Possible in very tight spaces
  • Ease of handling and positioning
    • One operator and no heavy equipment needed
    • Can be installed in any position / rotates on two axes
  • Significantly reduced branch extension and hot tapping costs
  • No impact on the pipe (no squeezing)

Safe Working Conditions

  • Intrinsically safe technology
  • 100% safety is assured since no gas flows until the new branch has been leak proof tested
  • Safety features include mechanical safeguards during drilling and throughout installation procedures
  • No gas blowing

Technical Brochure with Sizing Information


Supraflow Installation Videos