ULTRA-TRAC APL (Acoustic Pipe Locator)

ULTRA-TRAC APL (Acoustic Pipe Locator)

ULTRA-TRAC APL (Acoustic Pipe Locator)

January 22, 2013

SENSIT’s ULTRA-TRAC APL accurately locates unmarked, underground piping systems – plastic pipe, metallic pipe, concrete pipe, cast iron, ductile iron, clay tile, etc. – without requiring an access point.

Research began with the Gas Technology Institute investigating ways to remove the locating limitations utility companies were facing. Over about a ten year period, the institute developed an instrument to meet their needs and licensed the technology to SENSIT Technologies.

The portable instrument is an acoustic pipe locator designed to locate piping systems constructed of any material. The instrument senses through most surfaces – soil, grass, concrete, asphalt – and locates within regulatory requirements.

The ULTRA-TRAC APL uses a highly specialized acoustic transducer (actuator) technology that requires coupling with the ground surface to send the signals into the ground. Highly sensitive accelerometers sense the reflected energy. The data is processed and converted into easy to understand results on the display. (Read more in the SENSIT Technologies ULTRA-TRAC APL Operation Manual.)


  • Senses through most surfaces
  • Easy to use and interpret
  • Locates systems in minutes
  • No system access required

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Basic Operation of ULTRA-TRAC APL by SENSIT Technologies


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