Your Employee Is Your Brand

Your Employee Is Your Brand

Article by M. Diane McCormick in American Gas Magazine

The best ambassador for your brand could be sitting right next to you. Today, more companies – including those in the oil and natural gas industry – are involving their own employees to help build trust and offer a credible source of information in the communities they serve. BY M. DIANE MCCORMICK

People trust people. Something that seems like simple common sense is making waves in the business world as the annual Edelman Trust Barometer shows plummeting trust in institutions worldwide. When people fear globalization, the pace of innovation and eroding social values, they project their anxieties onto business, government, nonprofits and media, Edelman reported.

In its 2017 report, Edelman found that everyday employees are two times more trusted than CEOs, and for the first time, respondents ranked “a person like yourself” equal to technical and academic experts as credible sources for information about a company.

“The trust crisis demands a new operating model for organizations by which they listen to all stakeholders; provide context on the issues that challenge their lives; engage in dialogue with them; and tap peers, especially employees, to lead communications and advocacy efforts,” Edelman concluded.

In an age of transparency, corporations are empowering employees to build bridges into the communities they serve. Step by step, these efforts capture the enthusiasm of workers who are brimming with eagerness to advocate for their industries but lacking the know-how.

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